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Angel Fund Success Stories

Nurse Pepper

Animals know when they are needed when the unconditional love they provide makes all the difference in helping to heal a human in need. Such was the case eight years ago when a small gray tabby cat appeared at the door of an elderly woman who had just had hip surgery. It was apparent that … continuing reading


Puddles needed our help! written by: Ashley Gillett DVM Puddles was an 8 year old Chihuahua that presented to us on March 3rd with a necrotic (dead, decaying) front right leg as a result of being attacked by another dog the week before. The owner tried to get help for Puddles through other veterinarians but … continuing reading

Second Chances

It is very difficult to write this story without being judgmental, but we have to remember that giving an animal a second chance at a healthy life and love is the goal of the Humane Society of Manatee County. This is what each dog and cat deserves and thanks to the generous support of our … continuing reading

Hercules Jr.

This little pup was only 8 weeks old when he first came to the clinic. His skin was so badly infected that there was talk of having to amputate his leg. The owners didn’t have the funds to treat the little guy and another vet had referred them to us to see if there was … continuing reading


Brought to us as a stray, it was obvious that this poor dog had been through the wringer. He weighed only 30 lbs., had a horrible skin infection, worms and was anemic. As he was being treated, Hercules contracted kennel cough, a urinary tract infection and enlarged lymph nodes. His recovery seemed to be one … continuing reading


Cher was a 126 lb. bull mastiff who was suffering from a horrible uterine infection as a result of not being spayed.  Her owner had just lost her husband, and Cher was all she had left. She couldn’t afford the cost of emergency surgery required to save her beloved dog’s life. Did we mention Cher … continuing reading

Cheese Pizza

When her owners noticed that her hind leg was swollen and this little chihuahua mix couldn’t walk, they brought her to the clinic. X-rays showed that the leg was broken in three places, but the owners had no idea how this might have happened. Our medical team offered to amputate the injured leg, but the … continuing reading


Peppa was brought to a vaccine clinic by her owners, who somehow didn’t notice she couldn’t walk. It was discovered that she had one dislocated hip and one fractured hip. Peppa would need surgery and a long recovery, something her owners were unable to provide. Orthopedic surgery was performed and Peppa was adopted into a … continuing reading