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Wellness Services

In September of 2015, the Humane Society of Manatee County opened a new 10,000 square foot, state-of-the-art veterinary clinic at 2415 14th Street W. in Bradenton, expanding the original spay and neuter clinic that opened in 2009 in the original shelter facility located at 2515 14th Street W. Expanding the services beyond spay and neuter and vaccines, the Humane Society of Manatee County Veterinary Clinic is now a full- service veterinary clinic, offering low-to-moderate cost medical care veterinarian and assistant with catfor our community’s cats and dogs.

In addition to being Manatee County’s only high-quality, high-volume Humane Alliance model spay and neuter clinic, wellness services continue to expand to meet the growing and changing needs of our community.

Wellness and preventative care are available to the public by appointment and dental services (canine and feline), advanced in-house blood and serum analysis, minor surgeries, heartworm treatment, dermatology, and x-ray services are all now available. Click here for pricing.

The cost of prevention is often a fraction of the cost of treating a disease or problem once it has become more advanced, and early diagnosis and treatment of developing problems or diseases can increase the likelihood of successful outcomes. Preventive healthcare involves a multi-faceted approach that includes veterinary evaluation of your pet’s overall health and risks of disease or other health problems.

Our staff veterinarians will review everything from your pet’s posture, behavior, weight fluctuations, and onsite laboratory results and examine the ears, eyes, and overall physical condition of your pet for any possible concerns. Based on the findings, your veterinarian will provide you with recommendations for your pet’s nutrition, dental care, vaccinations, and heartworm/flea/tick prevention, as well as recommendations specifically tailored to your pet’s health status and risk factors. If you have a senior dog or cat, additional testing may be performed to look for common signs of geriatric or degenerative diseases typically found in an older pet.

Pet vaccinations play an essential role in keeping your pet healthy. Vaccinating your pet can help prevent pet diseases, prevent the spread of certain diseases, and help you avoid costly treatments for preventable animal illnesses. Vaccinating your pets annually lessens the spread of infectious diseases in our community’s pet population.

Zoonotic diseases (these are diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans) such as Rabies and Leptospirosis can be prevented by getting your pet vaccinated and will protect you and your pet. Humane Society of Manatee County Veterinary Clinic is open to the public and offers low-to-moderate cost vaccinations and vaccine packages six (6) days a week by appointment.

If your pet is already spayed or neutered, your pet will qualify for our low to moderate-cost vaccine and wellness pricing. If your pet is not yet spayed or neutered, please call us to schedule a surgery appointment today. You will be able to update their vaccines at the time of their surgery.

Wellness Services

Call us now at (941) 747-8808 Option #1 or email us clinic@humanemanatee.org to schedule an appointment or to get more information about our services.

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